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We make tenders easy

We compile tenders while you get your pricing in order.

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How we can help you

Excessive Rules and Regulations cause confusion that leads to non-compliant submissions of Tender documents.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in compiling and submitting winning Tender documents.

We have knowledge of all the tender regulations and keep ourselves up to date by attending briefings and adapt to changes.

We can do the following to help you with your tenders:

Central Supplier Database Management

Other Database Registration


Attendance of site briefings


Compilation of check sheets


Completing tender documents

Compilation of tender documents

Delivery of tender document

How the process will work

The minimum requirement for most of the smaller tenders is as follows:


  • CIPC Documents
  • Tax Clearance & PIN
  • Directors ID Documents
  • BBBEE Certificate
  • Financial Statements
  • CSD Full Report

1. When you notify us that you want to pursue the tender opportunity, we can attend the briefing session and buy the tender documents.

2. We will compile a check sheet of all returnable documents and send it to you.

3. While we complete the tender documents, you compile your pricing, Method statements, Program, Cash flow ETC. (These documents are not always required).

4. You submit your prices to us 2 days before the tender closes.

Once we have these documents and are assured of your compliance, we will start compiling and have surety of you being able to pass all the evaluation criteria’s with only the pricing standing between you and the tender award stage.

5. We will arrange to meet for signatures on the document for us to make necessary copies for submission on time.

6. We will hand over the tender documents to you when completed, and your tender is compliant and ready for delivery, or we deliver the tender on your behalf.

7. We will supply the soft copy of the tender document.

8. We will keep a database of all your submitted tenders and will notify you when the validity is about to expire.

9. We also offer other services, should you need a reliable sub-contractor.


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